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Tulsa Murder – Open letter to Mayor Bartlett

According to media reports and direct accounts from family members, Khalid Jabara was shot in front of his home by neighbor Stanley Vernon Majors. Mr. Majors was continuously brought to law enforcement’s attention for harassing and threatening the Jabara family for years. On the afternoon of August 12th, Mr. Jabara was frightened after he learned…

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AMAL – Press Release on Hate Crime

The Association of Muslim American Lawyers (AMAL) is devastated by the murder of Ozone Park religious leaders, Imam Maulama Akonjee and Thara Uddin. Shockingly, the murders took place on August 13 at about 1:50 pm in broad daylight as both men, dressed in traditional Islamic garb, were gunned down just one block from the Al-Furqan…

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