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tariq-bioTariq Hussain is a board member and co-founder of SMILE, a New Jersey, nonprofit organization dedicated towards poverty relief. Tariq’s vision for SMILE was to establish an institution that would take a multi-faceted approach towards poverty relief addressing obvious issues such as health, hunger, unemployment but also implementing programs encouraging arts and creativity. SMILE operates a food pantry in several locations that serve about 60 families per month, a monthly seniors’ program, annual blanket drives, park cleanups, girls’ self-esteem workshops, and an incipient health clinic, among other programs.

Tariq Hussain is an attorney by profession and has been practicing for several years. He has worked on several high profile cases including Shqeirat v. US Airways (also known as the Six Imams case) and In re Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001(also known as the 9/11 Litigation).

Tariq also serves on the board of the Center of Islamic Life at Rutgers University–a program dedicated to establishing a Muslim chaplaincy program at Rutgers University and is a current fellow at the American Muslim Civil Leadership Institute (AMCLI V).

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  • Matter of K.S. July 17, 2017
    Juvenile Delinquent Granted Leave to Renew, But Denied Court Issuing SIJS Finding        
  • The People v. Manuel July 17, 2017
    Accusatory Instrument Not Multiplicitous On Endangering Welfare of Child Charge        
  • 'Spoofing': The SEC Calls It Manipulation, But Will Courts Agree? July 17, 2017
    Michael A. Asaro and Richard R. Williams Jr. of Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld write: Spoofing has clearly become a high enforcement priority for the SEC and other regulators. As a result, investment...Read the whole entry... »        
  • USA v. Wales July 17, 2017
    Government Is Entitled to Unpaid $122,072 Tax Liability's Reduction to Judgment        
  • Pay Equity Litigation Trends July 17, 2017
    Victoria Woodin Chavey and Ana C. Shields of Jackson Lewis write: With rapid legislative developments on pay equity in numerous states, and with high visibility on the issue in many forums, pay...Read the whole entry... »        
  • Will of Weiss July 17, 2017
    Motion to Set Aside Waiver to Probate Denied; SCPA 1404 Exam of Executor Granted        
  • Merchant Cash & Capital, LLC v. Haute Society Fashion, Inc. July 17, 2017
    Joint, Several $296,440 Default Judgment In Future Revenues Finance Case Explained        
  • Estate of Gluckman July 17, 2017
    Leave to Renew Granted, Reformation Of Disposition Of Trust Remainder Denied        
  • Coleman v. System Dialing LLC July 17, 2017
    Guardian's Suit Over Infringement of Father's Jazz Recordings Dismissed for Failure to Prosecute        
  • The People v. Julien July 17, 2017
    'Padilla' Cannot Be Applied Retroactively To Grant Vacatur to Case Decided Before 2010        

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