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Can the NYPD Comply With Basic Rules?


The recent report by Philip K. Eure, the inspector general of the New York City Police Department, solidifies the lack of trust minorities have towards the NYPD.
The NYPD seems to persist in not following the most basic rules enacted to protect the constitutional rights of the citizens of New York City. The report found that the NYPD failed to submit the required paperwork to open or extend investigations into the political activity of our citizens, and that in the few instances where the rules were followed, the same boilerplate documents were submitted in every case. The failure of the NYPD to submit the required paperwork, or to submit justifications individual to each investigation undermines the purpose of the Handschu Guidelines enacted to protect New Yorkers from police abuses. While the report refers to the political activities most of the surveillance was on religious activities and on Muslims based on their religion which makes it even more problematic.
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